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Staying Warm with This is Rella

Accepting the deep and cool winter is a hurdle I have to overcome every year. Even after over 20 years of living in this country, I have not gotten the hang of it. Winter accessories have always been a key player in the preparation for winter. In addition to keeping you warm, they’re also there for comfort in case you want to keep them on indoors or lounge around.

This is the second year in a row that I’m wearing This is Rella, a winter accessories brand that I so deeply cherish for its versatility and comfort. It’s hard to find an accessories brand with such a variety of motifs, patterns and materials. While others like a nice merino wool, I enjoy a soft cashmere. Some thickness is nice to me, but I like a stylish hat that at the same time doesn’t feel to heavy weighted. The more I grow into winter, the more I tell myself that winter is not an excuse to compromise on style, no matter what the outfit! The Consider Cuff Faux Pom and the Goldie Cuff Fur Pom are two of my favourite hats from this winter collection – I’m truly a sucker for poms – and the bigger the better!

couleur nature (1 of 1)-5

couleur nature (1 of 1)-11

The hand knit Goldie Cuff Fur Pom is made up of 30% cashmere and so comfortable – I feel that I’ve been in great need for this hat for ages – so perfect for any occasion! I tend to go with neutral colours over the winter, and the Goldie Cuff was the perfect selection. It’s the perfect compact hat that takes the shape of your head – and the stunning cable pattern is just another detail that makes it so special.

couleur nature (1 of 1)-26

couleur nature (1 of 1)-31

I wore the Consider Cuff Faux Pom on our trip to Quebec City a couple of weeks ago, and while this hat is a little more casual, it was the perfect complement to an urban ensemble. Travel, whether near or far, is always a time to be walking around and exploring new places, so we came prepared. Montmorency Falls was absolutely stunning but the winds were chilling! Thankfully this hat kept me warm – and it received a lot of compliments for its adorable pom, so prepare yourself!

To view all of This is Rella’s products, click here.

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