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After many nights of heavy eating in England, we were finally ready for a day of light meals. We had managed to find some of the best fish spots in Lisbon but it was time for something new. Restaurante PSI seemed to be the perfect option for the day… a light lunch for a day of rest, one that would allow us to truly relish the flavours. Yasser, the owner of the restaurant, told us the story of how his mother revamped the abandoned park it sits on years ago to turn it into a beautiful space with a playground, a pond and green space.

The restaurant itself is vegetarian and offers several vegan options, mixing and matching different flavours. We immediately noticed heavy Goan and South East Asian influences in the menu, marked by the curry spices and mixed vegetables.

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We ordered the courgette (zucchini) noodles with soy and sesame sauce and Xacuti curry. Although we aren’t vegetarians, one of my favourite things about vegetarian meals is their bright colour and the mix of textures. And what a colour they were!

The courgette noodles were light and crunchy, a nice change up from regular egg noodles, and left me feeling full without feeling heavy. I also loved their addition of crunchy broccoli and chewy shiitake mushrooms.

The Xacuti curry included delicate tofu and coconut shavings, which enhanced the exotic feeling of the meal. Mild spices and rice also combined well to provide a refreshingly light, yet comfortably filling meal.

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Dessert included a chocolate mousse with rose petals and a cardamom panna cotta, so beautifully plated it was almost difficult to eat.

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Restaurante PSI is located on Alameda St António Capuchos, Lisboa 1150-314.

Hoping you’ll get to try it,


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  • Beautiful photos and the meal sounds wonderful!

    • It was, Amy! So many colours and flavours. Vegetarian meals definitely don’t have to be boring! 😛


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