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Ophelie Hats Spring/Summer Lookbook

For years, my childlike wonderment over hats has been an infatuating love story, like that of a chapter from a fairytale book. I’ve always been of the school of thought that beneath every hat lies a story, a myriad of passions and ideas, celebrated through the day-to-day metaphor of hats. So it’s no surprise that Ophelie Hats is my denoted pitstop for everything hats and head accessories this spring and summer season!

Established in Montreal by French designer Corine Serruya, the Ophelie Hats brand presents an everflowing cycle of innovative styles and handcrafted designs with affordable quality. It’s a brand I’m ecstatic to be teaming up with and one that is worthy of every ounce of acclaim and admiration. See below for my top 5 picks from Ophelie Hats spring/summer collection! 🙂

1. Ribboned Large Brim Hat

2. Black Large Brim Wavy Hat

3. White and Grey Large Brim Hat


4. Silk Bowtie Veiled Fascinator

5. Silver Bowtie Headband

Which piece are you eyeing? 🙂



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  • Black hat, red lips 🙂 Perfect!!

    • 🙂

  • That black hat! <3

    • 🙂 One of my faves as well!

  • Omg I am in love with the black hat!!! http://WWW.URBANTUTU.COM

    • Same! 😛

  • perfect ! I love the hat

    • Thank you so much! 🙂

  • Beautiful! I love hats and really wish I looked good wearing them…

    • Thank you! Though I’m sure you look great in them 😉


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