Kiel, Germany

While you still can, grab yourself a plane ticket to Kiel, Germany to witness the world’s largest sailing event taking place June 18th – 26th, also known as Kielerwoche (Kiel Week). Nestled in northern Germany, Kiel is known to provide its visitors with a cozy and intimate shopping experience, some fine dining and unique entertainment opportunities. Kielerwoche is attended by nearly 3 million visitors from all over the world and if you attend you will easily find yourself spotting some of the most intense championship sailing races, taking part in northern Europe’s largest summer festival and treating your tastebuds to international culinary delights. But mostly, you go for the sea! You go to marvel at the ships rocking gently at the harbour and for the all in all full-blown maritime centre experience. Since I grew up here it holds a special place in my heart, and after having visited several years ago I’m convinced it’s something to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. 🙂

To view the full program, click here, though it’s presented in German.

Some shots below 🙂







Count on me to only get food shots of the candy. 😛

The 39th International Market on the Rathausplatz will be setting off on a culinary world tour: culinary delights and arts and crafts from more than 30 countries will be on offer for Kieler Woche visitors, the site reads. (I found myself having my first Pastel de Nata here.) 😉


View the races from the giant screens.





Feast your eyes to a neverending stream of sailboats and motorboats.



While you’re at it, treat yourself to a heart-shaped Lebkucken, sweet gingerbread, typically eaten around Christmas time but just oh so pleasing to the eyes any time of year, especially when hung from pretty little coloured ribbons such as the ones at the little food trucks.



Hoping you’ll get to visit,


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    • Thank you! 🙂

  • You will all laugh because I didn’t read carefully and thought this was about Kehl Germany… (My wife is from Strasbourg and Kehl is across the Rhine from Strasbourg…. I kept looking at the photos and thinking “i have never seen any of this”… I then re-looked at the name… KIEL…. not at all the same place (feel stupid).. Kiel looks beautiful… (not that Kehl doesn’t… just not as nice as Kiel…)

    • Hahaha.. I’m glad I spelled it right, in case! Just looked up Kehl, it looks pretty as well but yes, very different from Kiel. Thanks for the kind words!

  • Kieler Woche is great. I am german and and enjoy to sail and have never been there (shame, but it’s high on my bucket list!)

    • Nice! Where in Germany? I grew up in Kiel and had some vivid memories so I wanted to visit again. My favourite part was actually arriving and seeing the sailboat silhouettes at the horizon. I hope you’ll get to try it soon! 🙂

      • Hey, I am from central Germany but have lived on the coast as well (on an island, dream come true :)). Enjoy your time in Kiel!


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