Key Lime Pie

‘Tis the season of homemade strawberry ice cream and spring-themed popsicle sticks. Time to curate a list of refreshing fruit beverages and switch up the warm vegetable salads for fruit salads. And better yet, time for fruit pies! Key lime pie has easily become my new all-time favourite simply because of the effortless process. Sweetened and condensed milk has probably been one of my favourite things for years  so much to the point that I used to eat it on bread. With only a handful of ingredients, this mouthwatering treat is sure to bring you a week of content! 🙂




  • 2 1/2 key limes
  • Fine crumbs from 18 honey graham wafers
  • 300mL sweetened and condensed milk
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 4 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup melted unsalted butter



1: Preheat oven to 375F.

2: In a bowl, sift together graham wafer crumbs, brown sugar and melted butter until well combined. Pour the mixture into a 23cm or 9-inch pie plate and bake for approximately 15 minutes. Take out after it is done and set aside to cool.

3: In a bowl, whisk the sweetened and condensed milk together with the egg yolks. Squeeze in your lime juice from your limes and stir. Pour the filling into your pie crust and pop into the fridge for approximately 7-8 hours.

Enjoy! I like mine plain, but you can just as well enjoy it topped with some nice whipped cream. What’s also nice is that the crust comes out nice and hard so you can easily cut your portions, I like a hassle-free crust!





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  • Hey! Thanks for visiting grievingcookingcoping. I like the look of this recipe, I love key lime pies. I wonder if you would mind me trying out your recipes on my blog in the future, and posting a link to your site? xx

    • Hey! Be my guest! 🙂 Glad you like them 🙂

  • This looks absolutely amazing. Great recipe and photos.

    • Thank you so much! 🙂

  • It looks delicious 😀 I’d like to try it 🙂

    • Hope you do! I promise it tastes even better than it looks 🙂

  • I LOVE sweetened condensed milk! I eat it on a variety of things. Not often, because I’d be huge, but still! Glad others like it, too. I always knew that was the secret ingredient in key lime pie 🙂

    • Same, I’d buy it every grocery shop if I could.. 😛

  • Thank you lovely for leaving a like on my blog. I hope you have a gorgeous day. Thanks again, Victoria x

    • Have a lovely day yourself! 🙂

  • Awesome, we are gonna try this at home soon mmmm i love pie!! Thank you so much.. this lime pie must be awesome..look at the pics.. sincerely Lan

    • Hope you do! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  • This looks delicious!

    • Thank you, it was! If ever you get to try it, do! 🙂

  • YUM!! I’m not the best baker, but I can’t wait to try this out. It looks delicious!

    • Please do! Super easy and then you pop it into the fridge for the rest of the day. Let me know how it goes it you do! 🙂

  • Looks really good!

    • Thank you! 🙂


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