You feel humbled when you discover a brand that is local, fresh, eco-conscious and all-and-all just plain cute. That’s just what I discovered about Joys of Living, a Montreal-based juice brand that creates cold-pressed juices free of preservatives and chemicals (trust me when you see a shelf life of 3 days, you know it has to be natural). When I was sent 3 juices to try a couple of days ago, I was pleasantly surprised by the organic, raw taste. I mean, truly, your tastebuds get a sensory stimulation that’s contrasted from your conventional store-bought fruit juices. You can taste every fiber of the lush, abundant vegetables and fruit.. something I would love to live for everyday.

Sharing the 3 juices I’ve tried down below!

1. VERDÉ Morning Routine


A mix of filtered water, pumpkin seed, matcha, cinnamon, clove, maple syrup and avocado. Not very far away from breakfast ingredients I would normally enjoy. Detoxifying and filling!

2. ACTIF On the Go


Apple, orange, beet, kale, lemon: the quintessential sweetness to a fruit smoothie. Perfect for all you hustlers out there!

3. CALMANT Winding down


Filtered water, aloe vera juice, kale, dandelion, mint, lemon. Because everyone needs to unwind after a long day.


Hoping you’ll get to try them,



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