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Simply stated, the last leg of our Lisbon trip did not slow down in pace. After four days, we had explored the neighbourhoods of Chiado & Bairro Alto, Alfama, Baixa, a day trip to Sintra & Cascais and had left Belem for the end. The city built on seven hills had graced us with four sweet days of sunshine and despite the blisters on our feet, there was really nothing we could complain about. Yes, we were somewhat drained of energy, but the old and gentle charm of the pastel homes had surely gotten to me and I was already feeling a post travel nostalgia setting in. Not long into the trip, it was clear that Lisbon made me feel like home, a place I could (unlike other cities) actually see myself living in, and I was already secretly scheming out ways of securing some sort of permanent residency.

If you ever happen to find yourself in Lisbon tired and drained and in need of a good place to lay your head down, Hotel White Lisboa might just do the trick. We arrived in our gym attire, feeling absolutely spent after a castle hopping marathon in Sintra followed by an evening in Cascais. “Branco é a junçaõ de todas as cores, do espectro da luz” is the mantra of Hotel White Lisboa, meaning, “white is the combination of all colours, of the spectrum of light”. The clean, crisp and pristine walls and furniture reminded me of all the reason we had escaped the Montreal haze to fly to Lisbon in the first place: light. While Hotel White is centrally located, it is also an oasis from which the movement and activity of the city can be seen from the rooftop pool.

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With its modern look, Hotel White Lisboa embraces a contemporary luxury lifestyle for the urban traveller. Just as I had imagined, the hotel was extremely tidy and minimal, something that to me has always been a stress reliever. While it was sleek, I also felt extremely comfortable.

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We were escorted into our room and were shown some of the room’s features: a digital room service request monitor, a (massive!) flatscreen TV, the rooftop pool as well as were informed on breakfast times. Having carried heaps of baggage and a camera around the past hour to get here, we felt that we had just found a diamond in the rough. With all of our thoughts settled, it was finally time for a good night’s rest.

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Something that I was consistently pleased by at Hotel White was the attention to detail. From the artistic design to the buffet breakfast bar set-up, to the choice of staff and uniform, everything seemed to flow. The style of breakfast the next day was also unique: while you are free to have your buffet of choice (fresh fruit & vegetables, juice, coffee, toast, pastries, yogurt and more) you are also given the impression that you are dining at a restaurant with full-time staff who comes to your table to pick up your plates and answer any questions you may have. The space is also small and cozy with each desk having a full cover set  – the best of both worlds!

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Of course, the city view is something I will never get over, no matter from what angle. The hotel rooftop is the perfect place to grab a book and lounge all day.

Hotel White Lisboa is located at Avenida da República 9, 1050-185 Lisbon, Portugal.

Hoping you’ll get to stay here!



*Thank you to Hotel White Lisboa for welcoming us as guests. All opinions are my own.*

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