Hotel 71 Quebec City

The sheer white curtains at Hotel 71 reveal the Old World charm of Quebec City, overlooking the St-Lawrence river and the city’s lower town. Over our intertwining schedules, we had finally found a window of time to make an escape to the cobblestoned city. I can’t say that I’ve attempted a road trip weekend getaway right before finals before, so this was a first.

Sturdy beams and classic architecture welcomed us as we got out of the car —¬† reminiscent of classic European opulence and glamour. One of the greatest things about Old Quebec is the little side streets through which one can easily access the old town — full of boutiques, restaurants, the funicular and museums. Hotel 71‘s location is absolutely perfect – peacefully tucked away within walking distance of everything you could need, even in the dead of winter.



Only a couple of hours on the road and we had finally found ourselves swept up by our classic suite — the bright cushy seats a trendy decor against the dark wooden backdrop. The whole team greeted us with warm smiles and helped us with everything we needed – a team that most definitely deserves a round of applause!



Hotel 71 has a beautiful sensibility — the Christmas decor adds the perfect touch to its refined luxury that made us feel instantly at home. A minimalist setting, cozy dim lights in the lobby and a warm, hospitable team was our first glimpse into the holiday season this year.

The lobby boutique is a treat on the senses — candles, lotions, fragrances, duvets and more lie on the shelves, ready to have a new home. It is the perfect place to spend a little time browsing while making oneself a coffee.




There is a sort of airy tranquility in waking up to the view of a living history book. The generous windows looked over the old neighbourhoods of the city, something I had always wanted to have but never had the chance to see.



Even in the evening, the suite has a natural charm. The warm light is enough to make you want to simply crawl in bed and get a good night’s sleep. Without hesitation, the first thing I did was change into my bathrobe and kick my feet up. My king sized bed, after all, was not going to go to waste. With the closed room, hubby was able to stay up and enjoy a soccer game.



The effortlessly elegant suite offers a cozy environment for immediate relaxation. Whether it is to lounge, to take a shower, or to take a power nap, it is comfort at its most authentic.


Breakfast service featured fresh fruit salad, an assortment of pastries, toast, juices as well as warm beverages that were served to your table. The dining room to the restaurant,¬†Restaurant Il Matto, serves as the breakfast room in the morning, which offered a deco dining room. Hotel 71’s guests seem to be the quieter, calm crowd that takes it easy in the morning. We seemed to fit right in.

It was an unforgettable moment we spent at Hotel 71 that allowed me to forget a part of my everyday routine. Don’t forget to take moments off like this.

*Thank you to Hotel 71 for welcoming us as guests. All opinions are my own*

Hoping you’ll get to stay here,



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