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Holiday Hosting with Couleur Nature

Though my suitcase may already be packed for a trip away this Christmas season, there’s no limit to how much pre-Christmas hosting one can do. The simplest pleasure has always been spending time at home with the family, trying new recipes or taking a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come. Couleur Nature & Caravan Home Decor has easily become my favourite serveware brand to host family and friends by far. Their marble pieces add a contemporary look to our Scandinavian-style home and sit peaceably in my kitchen until the time they can be used next.

All marble pieces are sculpted by artisans and have such a classic tone to them. Recently I received three different sets of pieces – the Marble & Copper Cheese Knives, the Marble Salt & Pepper Cellars and the Set of 4 Marble Hexagon Coasters. I’m head over heels for all these pieces – in addition to the Couleur Nature pieces in my last blog post, I’ll now be an ace at deploying a nice spread at any time of the year!

Until December 20th, you can use my discount code THML17 to receive 20% off on their website, www.couleurnature.com or www.caravanhomedecor.com.

*note: the discount code does not apply to products on sale, French Home & Body Care Products nor can be combined with other coupons

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The Marble Salt & Pepper Cellars are a little fusion between rustic and contemporary design to me – perfect for everyday use or holiday parties as well. Aside from salt and pepper, they’re also great for holding dried fruits, nuts and chocolate bites.

couleur nature (1 of 1)-19

couleur nature (1 of 1)-23.jpg

How marble and stainless steel can be so simple yet sophisticated will always get me. One complements the other so well. The handles to these Marble & Copper Cheeseware Knives are super sturdy – something that has always made serveware feel worthy of being a part of my kitchen to me. And as with any cheese lover, it won’t matter whether you are using them formally or informally – they’ll fit right in either way. 🙂

couleur nature (1 of 1)-13

couleur nature (1 of 1)-9

I’m a stickler when it come to coasters. So imagine my new-found joy when I received these gorgeous Marble Hexagon Coasters! It’s their unique shape and texture that make them stand out as unique pieces coming from a unique brand.

couleur nature (1 of 1)-6

Use your discount code before December 20th! Code: THML17

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