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Grey Sofa Minimalist Inspiration

Since I’ve recently moved, I’m pulling ideas from the web to find some much needed living room inspiration. Our floor boards are now an oak light grey — quite the contrast from our previous dark wood, and so our interior look has changed a little. I never thought I would be one to change tastes over interiors, and yet here I am rethinking it all. Sofas are such a living room centerpiece that can have such a big impact on a room’s vibe. I’ve recently found grey sofas to fit the minimalist profile we’re going for. Some peaceful grey minimalism for you here today. πŸ™‚

All images via Pinterest.

scandinavian design grey sofa interior

grey sofa scandinavian interior

grey sofa scandinavian design interior

grey sofa scandinavian design

grey sofa interior scandinavian



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  • Simple is always best. Greys and white are very cooling but sometimes are little too grey for the UK which constantly rains. I love your design though.

  • Love how these designs still feel light, bright, and fresh! Our chocolate brown sofa set has seen better days, so this inspiration is right on time. Might need to change it up to grey. Thanks!

    • You wouldn’t believe how much I agree with this! Three years ago when we moved into our new place, we were so into dark woods and warm tones. I never thought my tastes would change. Low and behold, a year later, I was already looking into other options. Though I still love dark tones, I absolutely love the calmness behind light oak floors. πŸ™‚

  • Were in the process of moving as well and we’re making the opposite switch (tan carpet to dark flooring). It’s definitely an interesting place to decorate!

  • Thanks. Great reminded that I need to update my living area this year. πŸ™‚


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