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Last year the commitment to wear skirts and dresses in the fall and winter was made. This year will be no different. The one complication has always been tights – I’ve never been one to love looking for the right pair and colour – but since discovering From Rachel, I can pick my tights colour, size and style at the click of a mouse. I thought it was just about the cutest subscription box idea there is. Ranging from stockings to leggings and sockettes, From Rachel offers a year-round selection of hand-picked tights and ships them to your door.

There are so many prints and patterns available that can make for a number of different outfit combinations, but this time I went for the Collant Noir à Pois Blancs and the Collant Bordeaux tights. I’ve always been a sucker for French-style tights that made me feel like I was somewhere between (actual) Bordeaux and Paris.


The Collant Noir à Pois Blancs are a classic in my books. Never has polka dot pattern disappointed me. This fall season and heading into the winter season my go-to has been A-line skits and knit sweaters. Classic tights such as these always pair well with navy blues, black and whites. I’m holding out on wearing pants on a daily basis for as long as possible!

The Collant Bordeaux tights remind me of the summer I spent in one of my favourite cities, Bordeaux. Nearly every day was an outfit with a pair of tights this elegant burgundy. I’ll never truly be able to get over this shade! It pairs so well with any colour, but autumn and winter time, oversized grey knit sweaters complement it best.

Which From Rachel’s tights are you eyeing?

To view more of From Rachel’s collection, click here.

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All photo credits to Michael Maw.

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  • I love the idea of always skirts and dresses too! I’ve tried to make the switch in the spring and summer time, but kind of turned away from it once the cold weather started settling in. Those tights look adorable though and comfortable as well. I’m also a sucker for anthing that makes me feel and look like I live in Paris. I am a French lover!

    I live in Chicago and the winter weather can pretty rough here. So I do wonder if wearing tights will keep me warm enough when it gets below 20 degrees or even into the negatives here.

    • Hello! I completely agree with you and I’ve been making a bigger effort to wear skirts and dresses this year as well! Keeps me cheery 😉 I hope these styles have inspired you! Happy New Year! 🙂

  • I love this idea! The polka dot tights are so cute ad they’re a really good way of giving something extra to a plain outfit. xx

  • Really cute! I always stick to black tights, maybe I should spice things up! Thanks for the tips!

    • I used to as well until I decided to make a conscious effort of not wearing just pants in the winter time. Tights were the solution! 😉


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