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Eiffel Eames Armchair by Wazo Furniture

This past July we made the decision to move from dark brown furnishings to lighter pieces with softer sculptural lines. With this decision, it also felt natural to get rid of any clutter that didn’t belong anymore. The ultimate goal was to create a modest home that emanated tranquility and calmness.

Our dining set had square, sharp lines that felt at times clunky and uninviting. Since then, we’ve stripped back and have opted for a simple round dining table and an ”odd one out” chair mix. The new Eiffel Eames Style Armchair from Wazo Furniture is our new statement piece – a stand-out work of art that I absolutely love! While we often stick to whites, the soft grey brings a pop of playfulness to the dining set and matches our other grey pieces that are interspersed throughout the house.

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The Eiffel Eames armchair is an accent that doesn’t go unnoticed but that also blends into the rest of the home.

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As we have a pretty small space, pieces that can serve multiple functions are key. The Eiffel Eames chair is completely versatile and moulds itself into any setting – I’ve used it for virtually everything – dining, working and lounging. The Scandinavian fabric keeps it cushioned while also keeping it sturdy, something that is incredibly important to me as someone who spends much of the time typing away for school or the blog.

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Minimalism has so heavily influenced our styles since moving. As light has always been a part of everything I’ve loved in a home, it felt natural for us to move towards a more streamlined look within a space that would make the most of the ambient light we get. Fewer pieces but quality pieces have also made the biggest difference. Spending more on less rather than holding on to many different pieces for limited timed use make for happy living!

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