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Caudalie Beauty Products

Along with being bent on growing in confidence, the new year is a time to try new beauty products. Patience, I suppose, is an acquired virtue when it comes to beauty routines, and I am not one to change my routine around every second week. I will always, however, have time for my beloved Caudalie Parfum Divin that is my romanticized idea of a mellow scent in a bottle. Mingled with the smell of rose essence and vanilla, this scent is a warm and welcoming reminder of home and tranquility. Unlike many other overpowering floral or woody alternatives, Parfum Divin’s alluring scent draws you in like a gentle lover.

Sharing a number of other Caudalie I’ve loved:

Divine Candle: Never one to complicate matters, the Caudalie brand is simple and offers minimal yet familiar products. Practically the Parfum Divin in a solid form, the Diving Candle is a mix of rose, pink peppercorn and vanilla. Perfect for cocooning and staying away from the cold.

Fleur de Vigne Shower Gel: With new beauty sets come shower gels. A contrasting smell to the Parfum Divin, this fresh aloe vera will keep you refreshed. Great for sensitive skin.

Foot Beauty Cream: I’ve found many foot creams to leave your skin sticky and oily. This cream, however, is well on its way of becoming my go-to foot treatment. For some down-to-earth, nourishing end of the day indulgence and velvety smooth feet, go on and let this cream do its magic.

Glycolic Peel Mask: As one of Caudalie’s classic go-to favourites, this renewal mask can be entrusted to give you an enlightening skin boost. Use twice a week and leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing.






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