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After a long winter season in Montreal, I took some time off to spend a couple of weeks in Portugal with my husband. Lisbon has been on our list of places to travel for a long time now, and the cosmopolitan life in a city with a millenial heritage is one of the many lives I’d like to live. From its familiar small city feel to its monumental palace and top city views, Lisbon celebrates its existence through its unique identity.

The beginning of our trip was marked by a beautiful stay Casa do Mercado Lisboa, a 9 room guesthouse with a charming appeal that made us feel right at home. Mercado literally translates to “market”, translating into each room representing a different produce item that can be found in traditional Portuguese markets. Upon arrival we were greeted by Maria and Joao who led us to the our suite, a beautifully lit premium room with a view over Portuguese daily life. After a streak of travel days in England we felt so at ease that we immediately forgot about our restlessness. And to think, we were only a couple of steps away from Ascensor da Bica, the most charming funicular railway line! There was so much ahead of us…

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Perhaps one of my favourite parts of this guesthouse is that the entrance to the suites is up the hill, completely separated from the reception desk and restaurant, and so you instantly feel a sense of privacy, much like you would with your own home. Being somewhat of a homebody, this served to be somewhat of a sweet luxury. We were also happy  to find a TV (with Portuguese Netflix!), a full water jug and a little desk to get some late night blogging done.

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Room service was speedy and neat and bathrooms were always fully stocked with towels.

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We woke up the next day for an early breakfast with plans for setting up an itinerary. Expecting a buffet style breakfast, we were pleased to find that Casa do Mercado did things differently. We were served much like we would be at a sit down restaurant, and breakfast was highly personalized. One of the things Casa do Mercado strives to promote is ecological and healthy eating, and therefore they serve organic. And so, toast with fresh tomatoes and herbs, fresh juice and fruit of the day it was. In the picture above you can see their baskets of fruit, which they use to make their daily juices.

After eating, Maria, the guesthouse manager, spent a generous amount of time giving us sound advice on touristic traps (which I will be sure to share in a later post), worthy off the beaten path trails and insider guide tips. After nearly half an hour of planning, we were well on our way. First stop.. my long-awaited funicular snapshot.

Casa do Mercado is located on Rua da Boavista, 10 1200-066 Lisboa

Hoping you’ll get to stay here,


*Thank you to Casa do Mercado for welcoming us as guests. All opinions are my own.*

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  • I love this! The pictures are beautiful. I have always wanted to go to Portugal. On my bucket list.

    • Thank you so much, Angela! It’s been my bucket list for a while as well, really glad I was able to go 🙂 Highly recommend before it becomes too touristy!

  • Your photos capture the warm glow of this destination. Thank you for sharing your holiday!

  • I love this post so much! The guesthouse you stayed at is so adorable! I love the clothes rack. That’s really cool and rustic! I’ve never seen one attached to the wall like that. So gorgeous!
    instagram: @boohoolindalieu

  • Nice post! Beautiful photos!

  • Very nice post. Do you ever go to Lisbon in winter? is it comfortable?

    • Hi Laurie, never been to Lisbon in the winter time but I’ve heard it is one of Europe’s warmest cities in that time of the year, which is always a plus! 🙂

  • That looks like a wonderful place to stay in! I love Lisbon so if I ever need to stay in a hotel there this will be my number one choice! 🙂

    • Beautiful place, you’d love it! Like I said, they will make you feel right at home and you wouldn’t regret 🙂

  • I loved this post! I went to Lisbon and Sintra 3 years ago and I would definitely go back. I loved the yellow trolleys there too!

    • Beautiful! I definitely plan on coming back soon, a heartwarming city with outstanding people.


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