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Canvas n Decor Pt. 1

Sometimes life becomes an incredible emotional upheaval upon returning from travel. It is a series and ups and downs with peaks of nostalgia and waves of traveler’s grief. I have heard it said that taking pictures while traveling might take away a part of the experience. Personally, having taken some trips to Europe over the past couple of years, I have found the opposite to be true. Sometimes I feel the pressing desire to look over some of these pictures. They have brought me back to tranquil nights looking over Lake Como, sunsets over Poros and most recently, the pastel beauty of Lisbon. Nothing helps jog my memories like a picture I took myself.

Canvas n Decor has helped me recreate those memories through beautiful canvas prints. Since I have recently moved, I am continuing the project of enhancing memories I have gathered on trips through gallery wrapped, custom handcrafted prints. Last week, I was ecstatic to receive two canvas prints from Canvas n Decor, one of which was a photo I had taken on Regent Street, my absolute favourite London hang-out spot. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing how I decorated my home with these pieces in two parts.

Until August 7th, 2017, Canvas n Decor will have prices marked down 85%. Here are some of their additional discounts you can enjoy until then:

Buy 1 Print 10% OFF (Code: CNDCANVAS1) | Buy 2 Prints 15% OFF (Code: CNDCANVAS2) | Buy 3+ Prints 20% OFF (Code: CNDCANVAS3)

In addition, they will have free Standard Shipping on all orders over $75.

canvas0b font

This detail shot of Regent Street will reward me for years to come.

canvas4c font

Through pictures, I have found that focusing on capturing details has made me more aware of my surroundings and more appreciative of the little oddities of life.

I love the depth of this image and how it slightly captures the business of London, with the double-decker bus and the beautiful arched buildings in the background. Canvas n Decor was able to capture the bright red perfectly. Their Canon printers and inks allow for that perfect colour saturation and image quality, adding a nice contrast to the photo.

canvas4e font.jpg

The process is very easy.. choose your canvas format, do your photo upload and customize!

Can’t wait to show you part two!



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