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Bed Bath & Beyond Storage Bench Space

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One of our primary reasons for moving was storage space. Within the past three years, we’ve moved twice, and still, the prospect of space and clarity is number one on our list. A tidy home is a tidy mind, and fewer objects in sight mean being able to focus on other tasks. Keeping things clean has always subconsciously affected my health and general sense of happiness.

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Last week we made an order to the Ottawa Bed Bath & Beyond store and picked up this grey folding storage bench that serves the dual function of storage bench and serving tray when the top is reversed. While the store had a wide collection of houseware items, we fell in love with this simple details of this beautiful white dinnerware set. We’ve also decided to decorate the space with a diamond weave handwoven rug and cable oblong throw pillows. This weekend, we took advantage of the laid-back day ahead to set breakfast up on the serving tray while enjoying a couple of soccer games.

bb&b1 with font

This Better Latte than Never mug is slowly making its way into my daily morning routine. Only since starting my Master’s degree have I become a coffee lover!

bb&b8e with font

The soft grey suits the theme of our living room perfectly. It serves as an extra seat to watch TV and the added advantage of being able to flip it over anytime to serve ourselves or guests is the perfect solution to our storage problems.

Bed Bath & Beyond Set

Freeing up clutter with this bench has kept the living room space so much more organized. I grow fonder of my living room every day!

Bed Bath & Beyond Set

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