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Walking up and down the streets of Lisbon can surely stir up an appetite. I suppose at some point one gets used to the uphill walks, but halfway into our trip we were not at that point yet. After visiting LX Factory and doing our fair share of walking earlier that afternoon, the night was still young and we were hungry as a wolves. It was around 7:15pm when we stepped into Bistro Edelweiss with our reservations, only to realize (or rather remember) that we were about an hour earlier than regular Portuguese dinnertime. And to think, we had originally scheduled our reservations for 6:00pm… ;P

Marc, the restaurant owner, greeted us at the door and almost immediately we jumped into conversations about his origins in Quebec, his travels to Switzerland and his eventual move to Portugal. In a way, I get the sense that Edelweiss is the embodiment of his Swiss nostalgia. The restaurant is filled with Swiss decor with charming nods to Alpine culture. Accents include traditional skiis on the wall, a vintage television set and exposed log beams throughout. It is the ideal place to enjoy a bit of Spätzli (homemade Swiss pasta) or Bratwurst while admiring the scenery around you.

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Warm lighting created set a leisurely atmosphere.

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Of course, I could not go into a Swiss restaurant without trying “Raclette à la portion”, and interestingly it wasn’t served scraping the heated cheese off – it was served over warm potatoes with pickles and onions. This little treat was only a taste of what was to come – hearty food that was probably meant to keep you warm on a skiing trip in the Alps in a charming chalet.

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For mains we enjoyed the “vol au vent” (flaked pastry parcel) stuffed with chicken and wild mushrooms and the veal liver sauteed with butter with herbs. Vol au vent (“flight in the wind”) has always represented a homey meal to me, filled with warm sauce-based mixture that can easily be eaten with anything. The liver was tender and delicious. All dishes were served with potatoes and warm vegetables.

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A light apple cream and a chocolate cake for dessert were just the cherry on top. Light and sweet! Bistro Edelweiss is located on R. São Marçal 2, 1200-418 Lisboa, Portugal.

Hoping you’ll get to try it!


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