9 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

After posting my 9 Great Chrismtas Gift Ideas for Her, how could I not do one for the guys? To those late Christmas gift shoppers out there (myself included), here’s a little insight into what I think would make some great gifts for the men in your life. Like I said in my Christmas gifts for Her post, I like to focus on practicality. I’ve had some help from hubby, and knowing what he likes and has enjoyed over this past year has helped me out quite a bit.

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1. Sauvage – Dior

Hubby has worn this scent for a couple of months now and it’s my favourite. It has a very fresh scent and has intrigued me from the start.

2. Moleskine Notebook – Moleskine

I get my brother notebooks for special events pretty often. They make great gifts for highly organized folks. I love giving out notebooks because they go with any season, celebration or event.

3. Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband – Fitbit

These sleek wireless wristbands offer a variety of functions including tracking steps and heart rate, monitoring sleep and displaying daily stats. Fitbit has several products depending on your needs (everyday, active or performance fitness). For product specifications, click link above.

4. Aviator Hat – Hudson’s Bay

It gets pretty cold out here in Montreal during the months of January and February so a faux fur aviator hat is a must! I have one myself and I love the fact that it covers my ears completely and leaves my head some breathing space.

5. Astor Regis Slim Zip Top Briefcase – Tumi

Last year, hubby and I were in his favourite clothing store, Ermenegildo Zegna, and fell in love with Tumi’s briefcase bags. They’re slim, full of class and very practical. Of course, there’s a plethora of other less pricey options you could look into. One of my favourite alternatives is Kenneth Cole.

6. Catwalk Sea Salt Spray – TIGI

This is another idea I got off of hubby, who says that this spray holds hair without being too heavy, although it’s mostly used to add texture. It’s especially good for beachy waves (if you ladies wanted to use it too).

7. Caffeine Free Tea Set – David’s Tea

The David’s Tea sampler tea sets are really great because you can get a taste of some of the flavours without committing to 50-100 grams of it. Men generally go for more traditional teas, but this set also has a couple of fun teas (that you can maybe snag off him if you’re lucky)! This set includes favourites such as Earl Grey Rooibos, the Cinnamon Rooibos Chai and Super Ginger. I also like it for the fact that it’s caffeine free – always a good option amongst a collection of teas.

8. Cronograph Watch – Armani

Armani has a variety of really awesome watches. What I especially like about them is that they’re not afraid of playing with colour. Armani Exchange also has some great watches that are slightly less pricey.

9. Joggers – Old Navy

I don’t know a man who wouldn’t want a pair of joggers for Christmas! For the cozy types out there, this is something you don’t want to be missing out on.

With Christmas only a couple of days away, I’ll be scrambling for last minute gifts over the next two days. It’s a process I always look forward to. But of course, time spent with family and friends will always be most precious of all. Don’t forget that.

Happy shopping! <3


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