9 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

I’ve grown a liking towards a couple of brands and products over this past year and wanted to share some of them with you in the form of Christmas gift ideas post for him and her. To me, gifts have always either been about meaningful memories or practicality. I rarely take the risk of going for clothing items, especially without knowing the person’s size nor taste.

Starting with gifts for her tonight!

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1. Vickery Drawstring Backpack – Fossil

My Dad was wearing a black drawstring bag the other day and my mind automatically went to thinking of Fossil. This gorgeous authentic leather drawstring backpack comes in both black or brown. It’s extremely practical for going out shopping with friends, taking a walk out on the town or it could even make a really great school bag if you don’t have too much class material. It looks very stylish and chic, too! <3

2. 2016 17-Month Large Agenda – Kate Spade

I’ve seen this Kate Spade planner all over the internet and in stores and I’m absolutely in love with the classic golden polka dots. The spreads are lovely as well.

3. Angels on Bareskin Cleanser – Lush

This cleanser is probably one of Lush’s most popular products. It includes ground almonds, lavender, rose and other oils. I love this combination! You’ll immediately feel the difference on your skin as it’ll exfoliate away your dry skin leaving it extra soft.

4. Ultimate Hot Chocolate Kit – David’s Tea

Being a huge David’s Tea fan, how could I not include one of their teas? I love this holiday set for the hot chocolate tea – you can make really great hot chocolate mochas with it using either soy, regular or skim milk.

5. Amour – Kenzo

This Kenzo perfume has the perfect floral scent. But it’s the touch of vanilla that does it for me.. after my favourite Amor Amor by Cacharel scent, this would probably be my second go-to fragrance. <3

6. Pom Pom Tuque – Simons

I’m a huge pom pom fan, but real fur ones can be quite pricey! I chose this particular one here because I like the style and because it’s made out of a wool, angora and cashmere blend. However it’s faux-fur, which for the price point is a little over the top for me. If you’re willing to pay in the $40-$60 price range for real fur, you can find pom pom tuques easily. Otherwise, go for faux-fur, they’re just as pretty.

7. Polaroid Cube Camera

This little stick, stack and connect camera is probably one of the coolest things out there right now.. you can mount it, pop it onto a helmet, or stick it to a metal surface to film. For specifications, click the link above.

8. Paris – Zaz Album

This is probably my most-listened album this year and I never get tired of it. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a recreation of famous Paris songs interpreted by Zaz. Her voice is mindblowing.

9. Sheepskin Slippers – Garneau Slippers

It’s pretty warm for December right now, but I’m sure during the months of January and February people will be happy to be bundled up in their homes, away from the cold. Authentic sheepskin slippers have always been a point of interest to me, they make you want to take your boots off after a long day’s work and sit by the fireplace!

Hoping you’ve enjoyed these,

Love in Christ,



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  • I love LUSH are you aware they have s huge sale the day after Christmas ?

    • Yes! Thanks for reminding me hehe


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