3 Rainy Days in Bordeaux, France

By now I think it’s fair to assume that Bordeaux is my favourite city in the world. It is such a treat that I honestly feel as though I don’t deserve having stumbled across it sometimes. With 3 days in the city this time around, I knew that there was something familiar waiting for me. It seems that this city never wants to leave summer behind, it is always vibrant and relaxed.

Even in January, when the water washes over the city, one can admire a sight of Bordeaux mingled with the rain. It is a fascinating interaction of textures and colours.

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Early morning wake-up calls are an opportunity to see the city come to life. Out by the Garonne River we gazed into the musky horizon, catching the most picturesque setting at the junction of the night and the day.

What I will forever love the most about ”second” or ”third” cities is that they are generally second to none – Bordeaux is elegant in its own right. Walking along the Garonne, one feels a building anticipation before turning right to see Bordeaux’s aesthetic focal point of Place de la Bourse. When the sunrise reveals the stunning limestone architecture, there is no question that this city is a delight. I remember the first time I discovered the dreamlike effect of Place de la Bourse reflected against the Miroir D’Eau – it was so different from anything I had ever seen before that I wanted to stay there forever.

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  • Absolutely gorgeous!

  • I’m (finally) spending 5 days in Bordeaux this summer and really looking forward to discovering the city, particularly after seeing your lovely photos.

    • Oh, so lucky! Summertime is absolutely gorgeous in Bordeaux, let me know how it goes! 🙂 Wish you all the best 🙂


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