Bordeaux, France


Place de la Bourse

Whether they call it La Perle d’Aquitaine (The Pearl of Aquitaine) or La Belle Endormie (Sleeping Beauty), Bordeaux’s beauty speaks for itself. With just a little over 200,000 people, this little city has a charm of its own. It’s a city that marches to the beat of its own drum and you would do it a great disservice by comparing it to Paris.


Grand Hôtel de Bordeaux


Opéra National de Bordeaux


Miroir d’eau

For as hot as the city gets in the summer, it’s really convenient that they have a large splashing water fountain square in front of one of their main attractions, Place de la Bourse. On my weekly rides into the city, this was always one of my favourite things to look forward to.


Gare de Bordeaux St-Jean


Walk by the River La Garonne

Many of the buildings in Bordeaux have been renovated in the 1990s to give it a fresher, yellow-ish white limestone look. Believe it or not, a lot of them used to be covered in smog residue from driven cars and docking ships. Many of the old center buildings used to have black walls. Nowadays, its new refreshed look and high-tech tram system give the city a glamorous vibe.

Copie de DSC_6776

Afternoon stroll by the Tram tracks

How can one look at all this and not fall in love? After arriving back home from my trip, I used to look at all of the photos I had taken in loops. Over three years later, I’m still longing to be back.

Hoping you’ll get to visit soon,


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  • Thanks for reading my story about Bordeaux in my blog From your own pictures, it’s nice to see how it looks in the summer, as I was recently there in January 2016. 🙂

    • I’m glad you liked them! I’m dying to go back..

  • Wow beautiful photos! This makes me want to go back to Paris right this second… ; )

  • I love Bordeaux! I went to visit my friend during Winter down there. Would love to go again when it’s Summer. Love the pictures!

    • Me too! I think about it very often. I miss it tremendously. Hope you get the chance to go back! 🙂


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